French Trip Blog 

Early arrival back from France –  The school mobile number is 07415439156 if you need to reach us. Students are ready to collect from the school.

Jour Un

We are off…

Two hours until we get to the chateau. The French countryside is very beautiful and a few minutes ago, we could even see the sea! Without our ‘phones, we have been playing card and sound games, reading, chatting, snoozing, singing and telling jokes in different languages!


All arrived safe and sound – straight to Croissant making and baking.


A sunny evening of fun in the French fields.


Jour Deux

Dieppe hippodrome where hippos were raced many years ago!!  Arriving at Dieppe port. Dieppe market. Gothic church. Dieppe beach. Beach temptations. Le Tréport beach. Relaxing on the beach. Who is hiding under the shingle? The best Le Tréport pebble sculpture!! Le Tréport Furniculaire. We travelled up and down to the pebbly Le Tréport beach in tiny pods. It was extremely steep and exciting.


Mont Huon WW1 cemetery.
We all chose one grave stone and then shared the story of that person’s life with everyone. Abdulazeez suggested that we had a minute’s silence to honour the dead, so we sat quietly and listened to ‘The Last Post’. The men that died there were so young. We were very moved that both British and German soldiers are buried next to each other.

Jour Trois

The biscuiterie. The dough is mixed in three bursts of ten seconds. No more, no less!! Cooked biscuits being prepared for the chocolate coating machine. A perfect spot for a windy picnic. Nausicaa Aquarium. Jellyfish. Finding Nemo. Walking to dinner on Sunday in Criel Sur Mer. The Breussant Chocolaterie. The tubs of liquid chocolate were huge.


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