Working with parents

We are committed to working with every child and their parents in a happy, harmonious and caring community, because we know that this is the most successful way to achieve the best from each student.

The International Academy of Greenwich places the highest priority on the quality of its relationships. We believe in three-way constant communication between staff, students and parents.

We achieve this by:

  • Sharing the findings of our half-termly assessments with both student and parent, enabling parents to support their child at home.
  • Making personal tutors the main point of contact for parents. Not only do our tutors oversee students’ progress; they also take responsibility for their well-being and social development.
  • Requiring all parents and students to sign up to a home-school contract and code of conduct. This way, everyone knows that we expect the very highest standards of behaviour. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated.
  • Welcoming parents into our school. We invite them to volunteer their linguistic expertise, give talks and lead activities after school. They are also able to watch lessons and give us feedback.
  • Inviting both students and parents to help us evaluate our effectiveness in teaching and learning.