Our students will become global citizens, fully equipped to live, study and work in the UK or abroad.

To achieve this, we plan to use the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP). This flexible framework is suitable for students aged 11 to 16 of all backgrounds and abilities.

Students cover eight subject areas: English; Mathematics; Sciences; Modern Foreign Languages; Humanities (including history, geography, religious studies); Technology; Arts (drama, music and visual arts); Physical Education.

This means that IAG offers the full range – and more – of subjects covered by the English Baccalaureate (EBacc).

Many other features make our curriculum special:

  • We educate the whole person. As important as exams are health and fitness, creativity and communication.
  • Students will become both leaders and team players.
  • Teaching takes place across disciplines as well as by subject. In this way students relate the headings on their timetable to the real world.
  • Links with not-for-profit organisations will open their eyes to environmental and other global issues.
  • We expect students to be active in their community.
  • Imaginative use of ICT will enable students to study individually and in groups, encouraging them to think for and work by themselves.



More information

Curriculum Framework at IAG
The IB Middle Years Programm Curriculum (external link)

Raising awareness and aspiration


Languages are at the heart of our curriculum. Beginners have a chance to speak and write one or more foreign languages well, while speakers of other languages are expected to use and perfect them, and to discover at least one new language.

Here are just a few ways in which we encourage our students to become linguists:

  • Four hours a week of language learning within the timetable and the chance to build skills during five hours of supervised Personal Time.
  • One modern European language other than English to be studied in Year 7, with the chance to take up another language the following year.
  • The opportunity to study some subjects in another language from Year 8.
  • Making good use of our digital learning facilities to match language learning to each student’s level.
  • Language-related extra tuition and activities after school. Acting in French? Building a website in German? Scrabble in Spanish? All perfectly possible.
  • Links with schools and communities abroad, providing exchange opportunities.
  • Work experience in a setting where students can apply their language skills.

Timetable 2016/17

The cornerstone of our curriculum is a core timetable with a generous period of supervised Personal Time each week. This allows us to adapt the balance of time devoted to different subjects and skills to meet each student’s needs and provide a truly personalised programme of study.

We have a maximum of 25 students in each class, and there are opportunities for individual and small-group study. The school day runs from 08h20 to 16h00 from Monday to Friday, with extended hours running from 16h00 to 18h00 and breakfast time from 07h45 to 08h15. This optional time gives our students access to extra tuition, allow them to build their language skills and enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities. Sometimes they’ll be doing all three at once!

This is how we allocate our time for Year 7 students:


Subject Number of hours per week for Year 7
English and drama 4
Modern Foreign Language 4
Humanities 4
Technology 1
Mathematics 4
Visual arts and media 1
Music 1
Sciences 4
Physical Education and dance 2
Personal Time 5
Total 30