Until we have our new building nearby we are leasing part of Kings Church, on Meadowcroft Road, which used at one time to be a school. We have exclusive use of rooms on the ground and first floor – see the plans here – and use for part of the week of their large Auditorium, for assemblies and events.

The accommodation includes 10 general teaching spaces for academic subjects plus music, ICT, art and science rooms and has a drama studio and dining hall downstairs.


Proposed permanent site – Eltham Road, Lee, London, SE12 8ES (known as ‘Bowring Sports Grounds’)

What stage are the plans at for the proposed new school? What are the timescales? What other consultation has / will there be with residents regarding proposals for the new school?

The professional team has refined the scheme over an extended period and has undertaken a first public consultation in March 2018. Part of the process has included ongoing design meetings with key statutory bodies including the Royal Borough of Greenwich, the Greater London Authority and the Environment Agency. The Team has listened and revised the proposals to reflect the views they have heard.

These discussions have progressed in a positive manner, and the Team are now in a position to use the feedback gained during this process to further develop the plans. There will be a second round of public consultations in September 2018, the full details of which will be advertised and posted here when fixed.

The site is in a flood zone and designated Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) – how can you build on it?

Within the Pre Application Planning process which is being undertaken, the Local Planning Authority, have advised what information is required to meet the very special circumstances required to develop on MOL.

The appointed design team are currently in dialogue with the Environmental Agency to develop a scheme which fully satisfy flood risk levels.


How will you manage access and egress to the proposed permanent site? What about other developments?

The plan is to access the site from Eltham Road and we have engaged a transport specialist to assess the impact of developing a new school on the local transport network. This will include taking account of other local developments and their impact on the proposals.

The transport specialists are including the consultation of the statutory transport agencies as part of the pre planning consultation process.

How will you address air quality concerns?

During the detailed design of the proposal we shall undertake air quality assessments. This will allow us to identify appropriate mitigation measures required for the site and proposed structures.

Where on the permanent site will the building be located? How will you minimise the impact on resident’s views?

This has been a key consideration in listening to views so far. The latest plans showing the intended location of the school buildings will be presented at the forthcoming public exhibition event planned for September 2018. A visual impact assessment was commissioned to assess and identify measures to minimise the impact of the development to the local outlook and inform the design and location of the new school building.

How will you mitigate noise pollution to the properties adjacent to the permanent site?

An Acoustics Engineer will be commissioned during the detailed design phase to further identify what impact a permanent school building might have on the environment. The engineer will inform the design to ensure mitigation measures are implemented where possible and this information will form part of the full planning application.

What other possible permanent sites have been looked at and why were they rejected?

An extensive search site was undertaken in regard to the project. The analysis of the site search of over 35 sites will form part of the planning submission and will be available once submitted.

What level of light pollution will the school emit and how will this be mitigated?

An analysis of the proposed new building including proposed mass and sizing will be undertaken as part of the detailed design stage prior to a planning application.