Physical and Health Education

Year 7: How can maintaining and improving your active and healthy lifestyle be a part of our communities culture?

Year 8: How can having an appreciation of an active and healthy lifestyle influence your identity?

Year 9: Through the use of perspective, how can we improve on our communities health and relationships within it?

Language Aquisition

Year 7: How do our sporting and free time activities impact on our community and enable cultural identities?

Year 8: How can we promote the culture of the local communities through festivals and traditions?

Year 9: To what extent can communities support the prevention and treatment of common illnesses in the modern world?


Year 7

Drama: What can the theatre teach us about our culture?

Design: How can beliefs and values within a community be a catalyst for collaboration and innovation in design?

Year 8

Drama: How did theatre playwrights convey to the audience a sense of identity, relationships and roles within a play?

Design: How does the use of a building relate to its design?

Year 9

Design: Do changes to the form and ergonomics of chairs have an impact on the health of people?

Drama: To what extent can the arts influence global health in communities?

Music: How does music have an impact on mental health?


Year 7: How could we enhance how energy is used in our local area?

Year 8: What does the periodic table tell us?

Year 9: Why do we need more than one medicine?

English language & Literature

Year 7: How do communities express themselves through different styles of poetry which reflect an inquiry into their beliefs and values?

Year 8: How can we use ‘Community Action’ to enhance our local communities?

Year 9: How does the development of global health rely on raising awareness through purposeful texts which express the points of view of a community?


Year 7: What role does Mathematics play in understanding what it means to be human?

Year 8: What can we learn about how ratio and proportions are represented in art and media?

Year 9: What can we learn from big data about changes in global health?

Individuals & Societies

Year 7: How can an increased knowledge and acceptance of religions lead to better relationships?

Year 8: In what ways did ‘Community Action’ contribute to the passing of the Civil rights Act of 1964?

Year 9: In what ways did significant factors shape the form of Medicine and Public Health between 1066 and 2018?