IAG Challenge Summer: To stimulate your minds and challenge your abilities in a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and non STEM (Individuals & Societies, English Language & Literature and the Arts) subject areas we are challenging you to engage with some of the biggest issues facing our world.

By engaging with and seeking to resolve any one of these issues would be evidence of your development as an Active Global Citizen. In addition the idea of ‘use it or lose it’ applies across the summer, so here is your opportunity to use it and improve it.

Your contribution over the summer will help you;

1: enhance your academic Knowledge, Understanding (applied knowledge) and Skills.

2: enhance your developing capacities and attributes associated with being an independent and self-regulated learner

3: increase your knowledge of issues relating to the four Grand Challenges

4: have you indirectly contribute to the internationally recognised programme

The Challenge Summer programme will see you undertaking a range of research activities and problem solving tasks culminating in the online submission of an artefact which highlights your new found understanding and your address to one of the Challenges.

You will be supported by Mr Gratton through online feedback throughout Challenge Summer and via his G mail rob.gratton@iaog.org.uk

Your efforts will be rewarded in several ways.

1: a growth in your overall skills set

2: IAG certification in Bronze-Silver-Gold Award reflection how effectively you meet the Four Criteria for Project work

What are The UCL Grand Challenges?

UCL Grand Challenges are four areas through which expertise from across UCL (University College London) and beyond (this now includes you) can be brought together to address the world’s key problems. They support researchers to think about how their work relates to global issues.

Click these headings to find out about each Grand Challenge

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