Student Led Conference

At IAG we believe that your child’s ownership of their academic progress is important and how they understand their progress is key in developing and deepening their learning.   As a school we have decided to move away from a traditional parents evening format and to embrace a process where students actively and independently discuss their learning journey and their targets.

The forthcoming Year 9 Student Led Conference on Wednesday 23rd January will focus on your child’s progress and their experience of learning at IAG. To facilitate this your child will discuss with you and their advisor the progress that they are making across their subjects. To further aid this learning conversation, with the support of their teachers and advisor, your child will prepare a presentation for the conference.

To book your 10 minute slot please access the booking form via this link:

Here are a selection of questions to help guide the conversation during the Conference.

Guiding Questions for Parents

  • What progress have you made in…and how do you know?
  • What is the best piece of work you have completed so far this academic year, and why do you think this is your best?
  • In what ways do you believe you are developing as a Global Citizen and what examples can you give to prove this?
  • In the area of…what do you need to do to make further progress?
  • In the area of…what do you need from me and/or the school in order to make further progress?
  • Where are you showing most commitment to your learning and why are you most committed in this area?