Update​ ​on​ ​the​ ​permanent​ ​site

The attached document outlines key dates and timelines going forwards, as well as more information about the architects and project managers working on this for us.

The professional team has been developing the scheme design ready for public consultation and then subsequently for full planning submission. Part of the process has included ongoing design meetings with key statutory bodies including the Greenwich Council, the Greater London Authority and the Environment Agency.

These discussions have progressed in a positive manner, though further information and design development is being undertaken to finalise certain details and concepts, which we expect to be completed by Christmas.

The public consultation events will take place in early 2018, not November as previously hoped, with the full planning application submitted once feedback from the consultation has been taken into account.

Some flexibility in the duration of the pre application process was allowed for in the overall project planning timelines, and so should not have an impact to the anticipated planning process target dates.

Public consultation leaflet September 2018.

Public consultation document September 2018

Public consultation document November 2017.


Update​ ​on​ ​the​ ​temporary​ ​site

This means we are going to be in the temporary site beyond this academic year, and we are currently discussing the additional facilities and resources that will be made available to us with the DfE.