School Uniform – September 2016

Option 1

• Plain navy blue blazer
• Metallic pin badge on lapel (to be supplied by IAG in August) – estimated price £5
• Plain navy blue trousers
• Light blue shirt – short or long sleeved, NOT a polo shirt
• Navy blue IAG tie (will be available from IAG in August) – worn tight and long with the IAG logo showing below the knot – estimated price £10
• Black leather shoes and socks (NOT trainer-­style shoes, NOT canvas shoes e.g. ‘Converse’, ‘Air Force’, etc.).

Boys UniformBoys Uniformuniform_website

Option 2

• Plain navy blue jacket
• Metallic pin badge on lapel (to be supplied by IAG in August) – estimated price £5
• IAG scarf (to be supplied by IAG in August) – estimated price £10
• Smart, white or light blue top that would go well with the scarf (if wearing navy blue skirt/trousers), NOT a polo shirt
• Smart, navy blue dress to be worn with IAG scarf
• If wearing a skirt, tights should be navy/black and opaque, minimum 40 denier
• If wearing trousers, socks should be black
• Flat, black leather shoes (NOT trainer-­style shoes, NOT canvas shoes e.g. ‘Converse’, ‘Air Force’, etc.).



Trousers should be PLAIN and should not be jeans, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, combat trousers or tight trousers. Belts with large/heavy metal buckles should be avoided.

PE Uniform

• Plain light blue polo shirt and zipped sweat
• Plain navy blue shorts and/or tracksuit bottoms
• Plain black trainers/ socks
• Swimwear.

PE Uniform

Around the building

• You will be asked to leave your non-­regulation outdoor clothing (e.g. coats, caps, hats. etc.), mobile phone and ear phones in your locker
• IAG has the right to refuse to allow jewellery, make-­up, hair decorations and nail varnish which are not in keeping with our ethos
• Long hair must be tied back for practical activities
• Protective clothing must be worn if provided e.g. safety glasses in the science lab.

Personal belongings

• All belongings should be labelled/named
• Students will need a strong school bag with a pencil case containing pens, pencils/rubbers, a 30cm ruler, a geometry set and a scientific calculator.
Images have been taken from the ASDA and M&S website. Plain uniform is also available at other retailers such as Matalan, John Lewis, etc.
If incorrect uniform is worn, we will contact parents/carers in order to find a solution as quickly as possible.
Please email us if you have any queries.