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IAG fills the secondary school black hole!

Raising awareness and aspirations

2016 was an exciting year for the International Baccalaureate (IB) and IB World Schools with the launch of a number of initiatives in the UK.

Our continued collaboration with Kent County Council means that 27 schools in just one county of the UK are now offering the Career-related Programme and raising aspirations among their students and communities.

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages has today called on the government to ensure Brexit negotiations protect the UK’s urgent strategic need for language skills. It has launched a document entitled Brexit and Languages: A checklist for Government negotiators and officials. It highlights four objectives, including guaranteeing residency status for EU nationals already living in the UK and safeguarding future recruitment of EU citizens to address the shortage of language skills.

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We shouldn’t lose sight of the success of the free schools policy

 By Toby Young

Reading this morning’s press coverage of the National Audit Office’s report on capital funding for schools [], you’d be forgiven for thinking it was highly critical of free schools. For instance, the headline on one newspaper’s story read: “Government ‘wastes billions’ on state-of-art free schools leaving state schools in dire need of repair.” []

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University Admissions Officers favour the Diploma Programme over A Levels, IB World

According to the latest annual survey of UK university admissions officers, the  Diploma Programme (DP) provides the best preparation for university for young people in the UK, with 97 percent of admissions officers scoring the DP four or five out of five, compared to 87 percent being scored similarly for A Levels.

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British teenager achieves ‘incredibly rare’ perfect International Baccalaureate score, The Telegraph, October 2016

A British teenager is being hailed as one of the world’s brightest students after getting a rare perfect score in the International Baccalaureate (IB). [Read More]

A Diploma for our times, The Times, July 2016

Quietly, carefully and with due credit to Carlsberg, some British schools have been teaching what they believe to be “probably the best sixth-form education in the world”. A course considered globally to be the most academically rigorous currently in use. Yet it remains relatively unknown in the UK. [Read More]

High court backs government in landmark free school site ruling, Schools Week, July 2016

A high court judge has ruled in favour of the government in a landmark planning battle over a free school site, fuelling claims that councils can now be “ignored” over where new schools are located. [Read More]

Urgent action needed to close language gap, Education Today, June 2016

The UK Government needs to urgently adopt a new, comprehensive language strategy if it is to keep pace with its international competitors and reduce a skills deficit that has wide-reaching economic, political, and military effects. The findings were published in a new report, The Value of Languages, by the University of Cambridge, following consultation with government bodies and agencies including the MoD, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, GCHQ, and the Department for Education. [Read More]

Students are not being prepared enough for higher education, say university admissions officers, The Independent, June 2016

Private school head says many UK exam systems ‘are just not preparing students to make that leap from secondary to higher education’. [Read More]

A third of students say they regret their A level choices, SecEd, May 2016

Teenagers are being urged to think more carefully about their choice of A levels as new research shows that nearly a third of students regret their subject choices. Three in 10 university applicants wish they had chosen different A level subjects for the degree courses they applied to, while four in 10 felt they should have given more thought to which subjects would help them get into university. [Read More]