Life @ IAG, Term 2, 2016

Welcome to our second edition of Life @ IAG!

It has been a busy and highly successful second term at the International Academy of Greenwich and our students have been taking part in fantastic activities.

We have put together some of the highlights below:

Isle of Wight residential visit

Our first Year 7 residential took place at the start of Term 2 with almost the whole year group attending for 2 nights and 3 days. The residential was a perfect opportunity for students to bond with their new friends and to demonstrate IB Learner Profile attributes, especially “Risk-Taking“! Students participated in a wide range of activities including: team games, archery, fencing, zip wires, balance beam. The long days required our students to demonstrate all the character traits IAG promotes, especially “GRIT“; the activities started with an early morning breakfast and continued well into the night!

Comments from our students who enjoyed the benefits of this multi-activity residential visit:

“It was so fun to try new things and I really overcame my fear of heights. My favourite activity was the big swing”

“My favourite activity was the 3G swing because it was really scary but it helped me boost my confidence and it made me want to be more adventurous”.

  Kinetic Sculpture workshop


IAG’s inspirational art teacher and professional sculptor, Paula Ortega, devised a module on Kinetic Sculptures for our students based on the the work of artist Theo Hansen. The students were incredibly excited when they discovered that the artist himself had made a special video, all the way from California, especially for IAG students!






“Painting with Light” workshop


IAG’s first Technology Week was a huge success! 


All students participated in IAG’s first Technology Week and were able to take part in five different workshops including Robotics, 3D Printing, a food workshop, a filming workshop and “Painting with Light”.



Students who took part in Technology Week have said:

 Technology Week was my favourite because there were different activities to do like making robots and drawing with light. They were all fun because they had a lot of team work.”

“…it was a whole week of getting taught by professionals.”

“The cooking was the best because we got to go out and choose our own ingredients and then make then eat and that was a good experience.”



Educational Visit to V&A and Royal Parks

All students at IAG study Art and Design. Last term, students attended a drawing workshop at the V&A museum and also took part in a historical walk around the Royal Parks.

Our new art teacher, Manuela Zanotti said:

“Teaching at IAG is highly rewarding because it encourages broad perspectives which foster cultural capital”









Christmas Concert at Blackheath Halls

During Performing Arts at IAG, students are exposed to real-life musicians, actors, dancers and other arts practitioners during lessons.

The IAG choir and dance group performed at the Christmas Community Day at Blackheath Halls and also in front of their peers at IAG.

Parents and carers of our students have commented:

“My daughter loved the whole experience!  Great opportunity for the children to learn to feel more comfortable with themselves having fun.  Very pleased with the teachers…lovely choreography.  Looking forward for a continuation of the performing arts group.  Thank you!!”

“My son had a great time and his dad spoke highly of it.”

“This experience was really good and fun.”

“My daughter really enjoyed the performances at the Blackheath Halls.  We thought the choreography was really imaginative.  It would be a lovely opportunity to do this again.”

“There was a fantastic atmosphere with the audience joining in.  I was particularly impressed with the dance by the IAG children , it was stunning and beautifully choreographed.”


Comments from our students:

“Performing in front of the audience “really helped me with my confidence”.     Amal, Year 7

“The Performing Arts lesson we have had in school so far are excellent. “It doesn’t only boost my confidence, but it also helps me to concentrate”.  Nathan C. , Year 7

 “I always thought that I don’t like singing, but PA changed my mind”. Elliot, Year 7

Jenny, Year 7: The dance performance made me learn new skills. “I learnt how to move in slow motion and think deeply about what I am doing”.

Cain, Year 7: “ I think I overcame the challenge of being really shy, which really boosted my confidence”.

Khyri, Year 7:  Going to the opera to see ”  ‘ THe Barber of Seville’ was fun, because some adults don’t get to see it so if we could (do it) in our first term of year 7, that is a great opportunity”.

Esther, Year 7: “I had not expected the dance and choir performances to be so professional”.

Chloe, Year 7: On the PA lessons with the outside professionals: “ When the lesson finished I was always upset, I didn’t want it to finish and every week I was so happy to start the lesson”.




Parks and Open Spaces Consultation

Young People Opinion Sheet



Active Citizenship is a large part of IAG’s curriculum. Students are encouraged to play a part both within the school but also in their wider, local community.

When the Royal Borough of Greenwich first carried out its consultation on Parks and Open Spaces, the absence of a voice from young people was recognised. IAG came to the rescue!

A representative from the Royal Borough of Greenwich came into the school to collect students’ thoughts and opinions about the subject. One student prepared a presentation for the Parks and Open Spaces department; her presentation was highly commended and everybody thought it had been put together by an adut, not an 11 year old child!


Funky Lunch workshop

Funky Lunch Creative Food Workshops are designed to get children interested in and eating healthy ingredients. Using fresh fruit and salad vegetables to create their own Funky Lunch sandwich children quickly become engrossed in the activities, exploring different ways to shape ingredients using a variety of tools and techniques.

IAG has a Health Eating Policy. Students are discouraged from bringing fizzy drinks and unhealthy snacks into school and, even though we are in temporary accommodation, over half of our students enjoy a daily. nutritious hot meal for lunch from our international food menu.



 Gardening Club

Personal Time and  Extended Day  options at the International Academy of Greenwich enable a broad, balanced curriculum comprising a wealth of opportunities such as: literacy support; journalism club including international journalism; numeracy support; Maths Olympiad competition; arts, crafts and textiles club; cooking club; yoga, meditation and mindfulness; origami club; Eco Club; ; Astronomy Club; Chemistry Club; violin group; a wide range of sports including football, rugby, netball, cricket and hockey and a wide range of additional languages such as Latin, Arabic, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Dutch; Gardening Club; Coding Club; Debating and Public Speaking; homework and revision clubs;

Students are consulted about what they would like to see on the curriculum after accepting their places in Year 6; some of the activities change on a termly basis in order to accommodate these requests.