Following on from the introduction to our Curriculum – An Education for Global Citizenship, find here the Curriculum Map for KS3. This Map is not set in stone and will change, evolve, in-line with our Termly Curriculum reviews and in response to the needs and interests of our learners. Keep revisiting this page to see updates to the Curriculum Map.

The traditional approach to Curriculum design in one which is shaped by an ‘end goal’ perceived to be solely the academic outcomes of high stakes examinations such as GCSE’s.

Our Curriculum recognises and responds to a number of factors, including but not solely academic outcomes. For us we perceive the ‘end goal’ to be each and every learner furnished with the necessary Knowledge,Understanding, Skills, Attributes and Capacities to be:

  • Lifelong-Lifewide learners;
  • Future-ready; and
  • Active Global Citizens.

Our CurriculumĀ Maps are outlined here: