A founding principle of IAG and the life blood of Global Citizenship is an individuals capacity for language. Across IAG we promote the importance of language (oracy, auracy, literacy) and have two Curriculum vehicles for language development:

  • Language Acquisition
  • Language & Literature

Language Acquisition

On joining IAG students have the opportunity to pursue at least one of three taught languages, German, French and Spanish through a five year programme of study. To facilitate this:

  • Four hours a week of language learning within the timetable and the chance to build skills during five hours of supervised Personal Time.
  • One modern European language other than English to be studied in Year 7, with the chance to take up another language the following year.
  • Making good use of digital learning facilities, enhanced through the introduction of Rosetta Stone Language programmes, to match language learning to each student’s level.
  • Language-related extra tuition as part of the Extended curriculum.
  • Links with schools and communities abroad, providing exchange opportunities.
  • Opportunities for Internships  in a setting where students can apply their language skills.
  • Opportunities to study additional languages as part of the Extended curriculum e.g. Mandarin

Language & Literature

All IAG students will be presented with the opportunity to study English Language & Literature across a five year programme of study as part of the Core. In addition the vast majority of students will have the opportunity to study a Language & Literature course within their own mother tongue. The pursuit of a mother tongue language programme will lead towards an additional GCSE qualification for those students working at and above a GCSE Grade 7.