Driving Questions & Enquiries (Key Stage 3) 

Traditionally schools deliver the same curriculum year after year with no thought about the changing nature of the teacher or the learner. We have a highly structured curriculum skeleton which can be fleshed out in response to the needs of learners and their emerging interests. Our Curriculum is organised under key concepts such as Identity, Connections, and Global Interactions, and through Driving Questions such as To what extent is our shared IAoG identity ‘Global’? and Colony Mars: What is required in order to create a sustainable human community on Mars?. It is through these unifiers that subject disciplines will be taught both overtly and as integrated interdisciplinary enquiries. In addition the learner attributes of the Global Citizenship Profile, Approaches to Teaching and Learning and assessment criterion linked to both the IAoG Standard and MYP are mapped out across the Curriculum ensuring clarity and rigour. These concepts, questions, attributes, ATL’s and criterion will change every 1/2 term creating a natural beginning and end to a cycle of learning (see below for an example of such a curriculum map).

Year 7 Term 1 Term 1.5 Term 2
Concept Identity Connections Communities
Driving Question To what extent is our shared IAoG identity ‘Global’? How have humans collaborated in order to create the world we live in today? How can we enhance Blackheath through ‘Community Action’?
Learner Attributes Inquirers, Thinkers, Balanced Communicators, Open-minded, Caring Principled, Caring, Reflective
ATL Focus Organization & Affective Skills Collaboration & Communication Reflection & Information literacy
Criterion A, B, C, D – Baseline A,B A,C,D

A similar structure is continued into Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 in order to maintain the principles of an authentic and enquiry driven curriculum.

KS3 (Year 7-9) allocations:

Sessions Week Minutes
Math 4 240
Sciences 4 240
Lang & Lit 4 240
Lang Acq 4 240
Ind & Soc 4 240
Exploratory (Arts/Des/Drama/Comp/Music) 4 240
Physical & Health Education 2 120
Advisory (Academic) 3 30
Extended/Personal Time 3 180
Advisory (Pastoral) 5 75
Weekly Total 37 1845