Art, Craft & Design Promotion Programme

The International Academy of Greenwich (IAG) is a new state-funded secondary school opening in September 2016 in Lee Green, London. We have an international ethos and we are committed to equipping our students with the necessary knowledge and skills so they become valuable active global citizens.

Promoting the creative arts as possible rewarding and fulfilling career paths is one of our priorities. We want to inspire young students by showing them how real artists and designer­-makers work; to learn about their individual paths, dreams and challenges; meet real makers and learn about their processes and materials.

We know how difficult it can be for new graduates to gain exposure and experience that can enhance their employability and help them progress in their careers, and so we hope to marry the needs of makers with the enthusiasm of children. Mid-career and established practitioners on the other hand, might feel the need to pass on their skills to the younger generations. This is particularly true for some traditional heritage crafts that are in danger of disappearing entirely due to lack of entry routes and shortages of skills, among other causes.

This collaboration would be initially done on a volunteering basis but we have already engaged an expert bid writer and in the coming months we will be applying for funding. Those artists and designer-makers volunteering with us from September will have priority once we secure the funding and can start offering fair payment for their time and effort.


  • To provide IAG students with exposure to practising artists;
  • To promote careers and employability routes in the creative sectors from an early age;
  • To enhance artists’ work and employability by providing them with opportunities to pass on their skills and integrate with their local community.

Help us inspire a future generation of artists & designer-makers while forging opportunities for yourself.

Current Opportunities

We are looking for art, craft & design practitioners to deliver one or more 2-hour workshops to 5 groups of 25 children on a given week as follows: 2 groups of 25 children on Monday (8.40 – 1.00), 2 groups on Thursday (8.40 – 1.00) and 1 group on Friday (8.40 – 10.40). You would be introduced to the class by an IAG teacher who will facilitate the session and your interaction with the students.

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