About us

The founders of our Academy are a group of committed parents and educationalists. Most live in Greenwich or Lewisham and all of them believe that a secondary school with a focus on languages and an international curriculum is essential in this richly diverse area of London.

Our Staff



Smita Bora, Principal 

Smita Bora has worked in education for over 20 years. With an MBA in Strategic Management, Smita uses traditional school improvement techniques with a commitment to collaboration between the local community and businesses in order to accelerate standards. As its Principal, Smita led her previous school, an award-winning International Academy in Westminster, to be judged as Outstanding by Ofsted in March 2013. In 2015, her academy was in the top 1% of schools in the country for progress with 80% of Sixth Form students achieving A/A* grades and above world average results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

 Teaching Staff


Sorcha Mulligan

Sorcha Mulligan has always been excited by languages, ever since learning to communicate in a foreign language whilst living in France as a young child. Her mother tongue is English; she also speaks Spanish, French and her native language Welsh. Having graduated from King’s College London as a languages teacher, Sorcha has taught in schools in London as well as in South America. Sorcha uses practical and engaging techniques to capture her students’ interest and promote rapid progress in language learning.



 Andrea Sola

Andrea Sola has worked in education for 10 years as a mathematics teacher. After beginning her career in the United States, Andrea moved to Guatemala where she taught for three years and served as the head of maths. Before joining IAG, she was teaching maths and also head of year at an IB school in Switzerland. Andrea is excited to be joining the International Academy of Greenwich and is looking forward to integrating the MYP into the National Curriculum and being a founding member of a new school.


amiesawyerAmie Sawyer

Amie Sawyer is recent Biology graduate from the University of Leeds. Amie is excited to begin her new position with IAG. She hopes to gain some invaluable experience working with the new year group whilst building strong relationships with the children and to help them strive to achieve their goals.



Eirini Boulinaki

Eirini Boulinaki is a physicist coming from Greece with nine years of one-to-one tutoring experience. Her passion for teaching has led her to further her education by completing an MBA in Environmental Sciences, which allows her to explain to students the real meaning of sciences. Her goal is for IAG’s students to find a true passion in science.



Sarah Sheldon

Sarah Sheldon has worked in education for over 9 years in Japan, Australia and England. A love of both art and history lead her to undertake a humanities and visual arts double degree. She taught English as a second language in Japan where she discovered a love of teaching. Through her career she has taught humanities, art and textiles. Sarah teaches humanities at IAG.



Ennelyn Schmidt­-Roberts

Ennelyn Schmidt­-Roberts has worked in education for over 20 years in Germany and London, the last 9 years in Senior Management in an Inner City London Academy, where Ennelyn played a key role in securing outstanding features for the academy. Ennelyn works internationally with many schools worldwide and shares teaching and learning developments with other countries, especially with China. Her own teaching and her own results have always been judged outstanding. Ennelyn sees herself as a true Global Citizen and speaks English, German and French and has a basic understanding of various other languages. Ennelyn has been a supporter of the IAG since the beginning and is now looking forward to seeing a world class educational curriculum being brought to the students of the IAG. Ennelyn cannot wait to see the students of the IAG represent and live its ethos and vision on a daily basis inside the school and outside in the community.



Axelle Douillet

Axelle Douillet is a native French speaker and she has been living in London for the past 14 years. She graduated with a BA in Translation with French and Spanish at Roehampton University in 2007. She has worked on various translation projects that includes subtitling and dubbing. After working for five years as a French language conversation teacher in North London, she decided to train at Goldsmiths to become a fully qualified teacher. She is keen to use all her experience, knowledge and culture to the benefit of the children she teaches.


Manuela Zanotti

Manuela is an artist specialising in mix-media and photography; she has exhibited her work both in London (ICA) and in Europe (MIArt). Alongside her creative and commercial experience, Manuela, has worked in Higher Education for over ten years, where she has lectured, taught and coordinated a portfolio of creative short courses as well as assisting the Associate Dean in implementing and disseminating Quality Assurance strategies. Manuela has taught Art and Design at secondary level for the past four years and has recently been appointed as a Pearson’s Associate Visiting Moderator (New Specifications)s for GCE A Level Art, Craft and Design A Level; she has a passion for print-making, textiles, mix-media, installation work, photography and film.

Ellie Scott

Ellie Scott has been a qualified teacher for 5 years, teaching History and Politics in a number of successful secondary schools in East London. She has a first class degree in History and Politics and a first class MA in Biblical Studies. Before teaching, Ellie worked for a lobbying organisation in Westminster, gaining practical experience of the political sphere. She is passionate about using engaging and innovative activities within her lessons to spark her students’ imagination and to encourage them to explore and question the world around them. Ellie will be teaching Humanities at IAG.

Stacey Cole

Stacey studied her joint degree in Fine Art and the History of Art at Goldsmiths, where she also completed her teacher training.She is originally from Norfolk and has lived in the Lewisham area for five years. The vibrant and diverse community is a big factor in continuing to live and work in the local area. She is passionate about promoting high standards of literacy and helping young people succeed. Stacey feels privileged to be joining such an experienced team of educationalists at IAG.


Hardeesh Singh

Hardeesh Singh is a Primary Maths Specialist Teacher, who has worked in both Primary and Secondary environments. After completing his Bachelor Degree in Diagnostic Radiography, he decided to study to become a teacher. He is very passionate about teaching mathematics creatively to ensure all students are engaged and motivated, so that they can utilise and appreciate mathematics in many aspects of daily life.

Cynthia Forster

Cynthia Forster has lived in South London all of her life. As such, she understands first hand the obstacles affecting youth in the area. She believes healthy teacher-student relationships are the core of learning and is adamant about forming good relationships with students to truly transform learning from the inside out. She graduated in 2013 from the University of Birmingham with a degree in English Language and Literature in Education and has been teaching ever since.

 Support Staff

sharonvan_dermaasSharon Van Der Maas,  Front of House

Sharon is a Human Resources professional with experience of working in Broadcasting, Media, Advertising, Manufacturing and the NHS over the past 20 years. She has been working with IAG in its start-up phase since January 2016. Sharon has a BA Hons in Business and a postgraduate qualification in HR Management. She has had responsibility for Operational and Strategic HR and more recently, she has been providing HR Consultancy to small and medium sized businesses.



Anca Miraut, Finance Officer

Anca is a finance professional with more than 10 years experience in management accounting, treasury, credit control and accounts. She has a passion for continuous development and lifelong learning and she is involved in community projects. She holds a Masters Degree in Risk Management and she’s worked in companies of all sizes, here in London and in her native Romania.


Manuela Zanotti, Marketing & Creativity Coordinator

After achieving her Bachelor Degree in Fine Art at Central St Martins’ (UAL) and a Masters Degree in Photography at the Royal College of Art, Manuela Zanotti launched her creative career as an independent Photographer and Art Director by collaborating with Magazines, Marketing Agencies and Charities, creating and presenting visual content aimed at youth, fashion and music publications, (ID, FACE, Touch, L’Espresso, Panorama). Recently, Manuela has run and coordinated an art based mentoring project which featured in the Guardian; the ensuing art work was screened at the Venice Biennale and exhibited in UK and Europe.


goldie_yereGoldie Yere, Aspiring Graduate and Support Staff Officer

Goldie studied business administration and health social care. She has extensive experience in administration and customer care; and she worked for two years for Lewisham Council supporting young people on a one-to-one basis, communicating with parents/carers, writing case studies, organising workshops and presenting. Goldie is a native French speaker.



 Marrianne Baker, General Technician

Marrianne studied graphic design and illustration and has a passion for photography and film-making. She has experience working in customer care in the fashion industry and she is proficient in the use of different software packages for art & design. She has written and illustrated a series of books for Autistic children with various titles under the name The Rainbow Series. Marrianne provides ICT, science, and art and design support at IAG.


 Arif Alpay, Site Manager

Arif has lived and worked in London since moving here from his native Turkey eleven years ago. As a family man with children, Arif appreciates the importance of providing a good education for all our young people and is delighted to be involved in the origins of this innovative school. Arif is a qualified part-time youth worker and has many years experience of working with young people in the 13-19yrs age range. He is also multi-lingual and is pleased to be able to support the students in the Turkish language classes.


Wave coaches

Adam Fahy

F.A. Coaching Certificate (Level 2), F.A. Module 2, Degree in Physical Education.

Adam has been with us for over 6 years and now manages the company. He coaches full time on both our curriculum and after school projects. Adam coached for a number of years at Arsenal and now works with Fulham as a coach for the under 8’s.



Kishan Khetia

Level 2 Football Coach

First class degree in Sports Science

Kish has a wealth of experience coaching all over the world having worked in Bahrain and U.A.E as well as across England.

Having excelled at the University of Portsmouth he now brings his vast talents and skills to all of our projects.


Karl Lucken

Level 1 Football Coach

Karl has been with us for over 3 years. He coaches our after school clubs as well as on our soccer schools projects.  He works hard to ensure the development of the next generation of players, having formally been a soccer school player himself.

Karl also successfully coaches a grass roots u9 team which he has been doing for several years.

Jack Meade

Level 1 Football Coach

Jack has been with us over a year and works on the after school projects, coaching football and a variety of other sports.




Daniel Bowler

Level 1 Football Coach

Daniel has been with us over a year and works on the after school projects,

coaching football and a variety of other sports.





Ninja coaches


Liam Chai

Liam has been practising mindfulness for over seven years. After experiencing the joy and benefits stemming from his own practice, there has been a natural call to share it with others. He is particularly interested in the dialogue between contemplative traditions and modern science. Having formally trained with Dr. Paul Ekman (an expert on emotions) and B. Alan Wallace (Buddhist scholar and interpreter for the Dalai Lama) he is dedicating his life to be of greater service to bridge the gap between the two worlds. He now teaches mindfulness at Caritas Anchor House, UCL, SOAS, leads monthly urban retreats in Whitechapel and has aspirations for long-term retreat in collaboration with scientists.


Jamie Dean Murphy

He is a co-founder of Ninja School and founder of Sports Fitness Education, a multisports development and coordination program for young children in nursery and primary education.

He started practising Karate when he was 12 and since then, it has sculpted every aspect of his life. Being a martial artist has shaped his outlook on everything and has enabled him to live a life full of passion.

He has had a successful, competitive career in karate winning various regional, national and international titles in four weight classes (middleweight, light heavy, heavyweight and open weight). After taking a step back from competitive karate to focus on the traditional aspects of the discipline, he earned his First-Dan black belt after 8 years of intense training.

Harry Bovill

Over the last three years has been engaged with several international social projects with entrepreneurs at the Hub Westminster, Permaculture and the EU-supported group  Edgeryders. These projects centred around education and innovation; they included: Viral Academy, Africa UK, and UnMonastery. Born and raised in South East London, Harry has worked for the For Jimmy Foundation, a charity dedicated to help young people in the Lewisham borough.

Being involved in many different styles of Martial Arts from a young age he was never quite satisfied until I stumbled upon Mixed Martial Arts. In 2014 he joined Gracie Barra London Bridge where he earned his Blue Belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu. He has found the open and interactive format of Martial Arts he has been looking for at Ninja School; “this”, he says, “is the journey I have taken over the last four years and the Martial Arts class I wish I could have been part of as a boy.”


Reece Fletcher

Reece is a co founder of Ninja School and owner of his own movement and training company called ‘Guerrilla Movement’. He is a certified personal trainer/class instructor, and boxing coach. He has been heavily involved in martial arts from a young age, starting with a style of Wu Shu (traditional Chinese Kung Fu), moving to Tae Kwon Do (Korean Kung Fu) in which he has won 1st , 2nd and 3rd place medals at junior level. As he got older, he trained in Western boxing, Kick Boxing and Muay Thai. As an adult, he has competed at amateur level in mixed martial arts and kick boxing and hopes to continue that journey in the near future.


Jonathan Hatzimasouras

Jonathan Hatzimasouras is one of the co-founders of Ninja School . He was born in Greece and raised in London, he speaks two languages, he also has a BA in History from the University of Chichester. He has competed and trained in sport for most of his life and has practised a number of Martial Arts for the last three years. He has been practising Brazilian Jiujitsu for three years, he says: “this has taught me the valuable lesson that you can learn not only from success but even when you lose. This does not mean that we focus on failure, but we accept that it is integral for young children to progress. At Ninja School we aim to reinforce its benefits in understanding humility and discipline, as well as taking away the fear of failure that exists in our society today.”