About Us

The International Academy of Greenwich  is a fast growing community of parents and educators from a diverse and rich background. As the school grows so does its community. We are passionate that IAG is not just represented as solely a body of teachers but that the community reflects the parents, community educators, the students, change partners and all those that play a role in making IAG a place where An Education for Global Citizenship can be realised.

Our ‘Manifesto’ for Change

No one can deny that our world has changed significantly. Our post industrial society, our culture of instant-knowledge, and a world in perpetual flux requires so much more from today’s learners, their teachers and from present systems of formal education. An education must respond to this change and orientate itself towards educating today’s adolescents with a capacity to actively engage with this world positively.

Complex ‘soft’ skills such as creativity, collaboration and persistence, to name but a few, are crucial skills, qualities and attributes of the individual capable of successfully navigating our complex world. Curriculum models, schools and approaches to education must be designed to facilitate the development of these skills, attributes and capacities all of which are vital in this the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The International Academy of Greenwich was founded by a group of committed parents and educationalists with a common vision for an education fit for the complexities of todays world. The founders, most of whom live in Greenwich or Lewisham, believe that a secondary school with a focus on languages, an international curriculum and a philosophy that promotes the tenets of Global Citizenship is essential, especially within the richly diverse area of Greenwich, Blackheath and Lee.

The approach, first voiced by the founders, and being developed by the whole IAG community, seeks to enable all students to master not only individual subjects but also the literacies, competencies and qualities of the lifelong-lifewide and ‘future-ready learner’.